Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller for Your Little Ones

If you are one of the thousands of moms out there who are seeking for ways to get back their shape several months after delivery, why not make it a habit to stroll with your baby with Bob Revolution Flex Duallie stroller. With ideal features such as swivel front wheel, you can dispatch the risk of getting the wrong item for your little one. You might surely consider your baby very precious to you thus you cannot afford to lose the best stuffs for him.

So don’t take the risk with other brands and feel sorry in the end.

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Features

The following are the main features of Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

  • The stroller comes with front swivel wheels that are designed for maximum maneuverability to the stroller.
  • The swiveling wheel locks forward the stroller for stability especially during jogging in tough surfaces.
  • It is designed with adjustable handle bar for the convenience of the user.
  • You can also take advantage of easy folding system and lightweight frame for convenient transport.
  • It has adjustable suspension that has remarkable adjustment system which results to smooth stroll.

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Video (Official)

The following official video demonstration shows the new adjustable Handlebar of Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Double Stroller. The BOB Revolution FLEX jogging stroller includes a handlebar that adjusts to nine different positions to create the perfect fit for any parent.

Pros and Cons of Bob Revolution Flex Double Jogging stroller

The pros and cons of Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller consist of the following:
Bob Revolution Flex Double Jogging stroller pros
The advantages of this double jogger stroller are:
Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Double Stroller Review

  • The adjustable padded hand bar provides perfect fit for uses regardless of the height while in comfortable standing position.
  • he user can maneuver the swiveling front wheel in any direction according to his preference. This is the reason why this stroller is also ideal for tough situations.
  • With Accessory Adapter, you can easily place your baby to the stroller.
  • This stroller also assures you of maximum safety of your baby with the help of five point harness system.
  • It has very large windows that allow you to have an easy view to your baby.
  • The independent canopies serve as protection for your baby against unwanted elements such as UV.
  • It comes with underneath storage that can contain personal stuffs.
  • You can immediately stop the strolling motion with the help of its dependable brakes.
  • It has wide rooms for your babies this is one of the problems of many users when it comes to choosing their strollers. You have to keep in mind that aside babies manifest various behavior and they tend to be uncomfortable spaces. With this stroller, you can make sure that your little one is comfortable in the roomy space.
  • Since it is lightweight, it is likely that air push the stroller. In short, you can enjoy effortless pushing o of this double stroller.
  • Some strollers are only meant for strolling. This item can also be used for jogging.
  • It needs less effort when it comes to maintenance because the parts are very easy to clean.

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Double Stroller cons
The following are the disadvantages of bob revolution flex duallie stroller:

  • The storage can be a hassle. While it is likely general to all double strollers, you might anticipate that this item is quite an issue when it comes to storage. You might want to prefer something that fits conveniently to your car.
  • The canopies are not ideally maneuverable. There are some cases where in the canopies bunch up on the head of babies when you have them pulled back.
  • The tire can deflate in the midst of the stroll. That’s why you have to make sure that it is well inflated before you’re off with your baby.
  • The assembly can be an issue especially for beginners. It is very important to comprehend the guide well or opt for demonstration from your customer services providers.


In the long run, you have to keep in mind that the price should be your last preference in looking for strollers. In your pursuit of reliable stuffs for high cost joggers, you might end up in vain. In his way, you can come up with one of your choice and that is bob revolution flex duallie stroller.

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